4TH OF JULY PreParty

Let’s all get together and have an early start to the 4th of July celebrations!

The party starts off from Washington Dulles International and ends in our beloved Chicago O’Hare Hub.
Arguably one of the best places to be and celebrate July 4th!

This event is carried out in partnership with Vatsim and ATC will be fully staffed along the way. Please note the event times posted above are ZULU times.

Flying online is NOT mandatory as we will use Discord to chat throughout the event. However, it is HIGHLY recommended to join us online in Vatsim to enhance the fun and have an even more realistic experience.

Every participating Pilot will receive 25000 Premium Miles bonus!!

Please, DO NOT reserve a spot unless you are sure to actually fly the event as that helps us planning attendance with Vatsim.
In light of this, a penalty of 10000 miles will be assessed if a spot is reserved but the Pilot won’t be attending.

We will host another GIVEAWAY during the event with a surprise prize……

The prize winner will be chosen among all Pilots who “FOLLOW” our new TWITCH channel and stop by to say “HELLO” in the stream chat at any point during the event.

If you have any questions in regard to this event, please contact admin@americanva.net or post it in the “Event Committee” on our Discord server,
If you haven’t joined our DISCORD server yet, here’s the invitation link: https://discord.gg/jmgjJjZ

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