A Brand New Schedule

American Airlines is capping ticket prices for travel between Europe and  the U.S.

Dear Pilots,

As you may have noticed already, a brand new, fully updated schedule is now available to you. We received and parsed through thousands of flights introducing even more Codeshare flights in order to bring you an even greater variety.

A Little History

American Airlines has 3 direct subsidiaries operating under the American Eagle umbrella. They fulfill all AAL regional flights. They are:

  • Envoy Air
  • PSA
  • Piedmont Airline

American Airlines is also the founder of “One World Airlines”, an alliance among various carriers situated throughout the world created to facilitate global connections. Among many others, some of the major partners are:

  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Qantas

As American Airlines describes it, Codeshares allow AAL to sell seats on flights operated by other airlines. This means you can easily combine American and flights with other partner airlines to create a single itinerary to multiple destinations. These flights are sometimes operated under AAL flight numbers.

Press Release: LATAM to leave oneworld effective 1 May 2020 - Runway  GirlRunway Girl

We decided to make available more of those Codeshares to our members along with the AAL main scheduling and its subsidiaries.
Below you can get a recap of the large amount of work that went on behind the scenes preparing the update:

  • 4500 American Airlines Schedules – (FlightAware updated March 1st)
  • 1000+ Envoy Air Schedules – (FlightAware updated March 1st)
  • 1000+ PSA Schedules – (FlightAware updated March 1st)
  • 1000+ Piedmont Schedules – (FlightAware updated March 1st)
  • 500+ British Airways Codeshares Schedules
  • 500+ Cathay Pacific Codeshares Schedules
  • 500+ Qantas Codeshares Schedules

In the “Schedule Details” every single flight contains a reference link to the original, real-world counterpart on FlightAware along with much more info. Granted on several thousand flights a small percentage of errors is plausible, the vast majority are correctly linked and represented.

All schedules have correct “Operational Days“, the separate “Schedule Details” page, and can be found in the “Schedule Bid” page of the CrewCenter Dashboard. You can filter the schedules by Airline, departure, arrival, and equipment.

American Airlines and Qantas to offer more frequent flyer benefits and  codeshare connections – Business Traveller

You can use the “Destinations Map” to discover all the connections offered or the “Advanced Schedules” search page to filter and find specific schedules (filter by departure, arrival, equipment)

Should you find a schedule or connection that is not present in our database, feel free to use the “Submit a Schedule” link present in your Pilot Profile page to submit it to us for review. Please make sure you correctly fill out the form with all required information and insert a FlightAware link for verification.

We are very excited to bring you this new update and truly hope you will appreciate and enjoy the results.

As always, keep the sunny side up and have fun flying with US!

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