Airport Info Update

Dear Pilots,

We are excited to inform you that another great feature has been added to the already substantial list of tools we had.

By going to this link HERE you will be able to find all of American VA connected Airports with extended information such as:

  • All Departures currently available from that specific Airport
  • All Arrivals currently available from that specific Airport
  • All Pilots recent flights information at that specific Airport
  • All Pilots currently resident at that specific Airport
  • A detailed map about that specific Airport

All Departures and Arrivals have links to the related schedules with details. All Pilots have links to their current Public Profile. Researched Airports show a table with connected surrounding Airports

Alternatively from the “Destinations Map” and in addition to it, this will make it real easy for instance to find out which flights are leaving or arriving from a specific Airport along with many other info.
This module will also be available from the “Ground Ops” menu under Airport Info”. 

Hoping you will enjoy!

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