American Virtual Financials

Dear Pilots,

The payload initially provided by SmartCARS shouldn’t be touched at all as it is NOT a random number. It is created dynamically by our system when you bid on the flight and goes on to impact all the Virtual Airline Finances.

If you were to check, all your Pireps have a Gross revenue reported and fuel cost, but there’s much more than that going on behind the scenes.

We currently model all expenses and costs of a real-world airline and try to maintain a plausible balance sheet. If you (or anyone else) edits the payload manually and always flies the aircraft full (or almost empty) it will impact our financial model one way or the other making it less “plausible”.

The model statistics will soon have their own page on the platform and all of you will be able to check how we are doing financially. 

Starting tomorrow we will actually block the “load” value to align ourselves with the concept explained above. Afteral our job as a pilot is not to be responsible for the number of passengers loaded (Selling tickets is a Corporate job), but instead to safely fly the plane from A to B while keeping them happy on-board.

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