CLT vs JFK HubOps Challenge Recap

Good day American Virtual Crews,

Can you believe it’s already May first? the April round of HubOPS Challenge is over and Charlotte won convincingly.

New York City JFK was indeed the underdog in this challenge and they put up a hell of a fight. Coming in with 100 flights means a 10% increase on last month’s pilot reports. JFK really came together and gave it their best shot!

Ultimately however, Charlotte had too many pilots available on their rotation to supply flights at any given time and they clocked in on April 30th with 133 reports. As the first semifinalist of our draw they are confirming the firm intention of going all the way.

CONGRATULATIONS Charlotte from all of us at American Virtual for a great victory!!

Taking a forward look for May, it’s the beginning of a brand new round between Chicago ORD and another New York City underdog: LaGuardia LGA!

We are eager to see how the story will unfold about this one and we will tell you all about it in the next HubOPS Challenge recap.

Until then, happy flights and blue skies to all!

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