DFW “March Madness”

Hello DFW Captains

Are you up for a chall”enge? February is shaping up to be a blockbuster month on the number of PIREPs logged with approx. 121 more flights logged than the previous month (and we have a few days to go). To help make March an even better month, I’m issuing the following month long challenge. Should you accept this challenge, you can earn a bonus of 2,500 premium miles. Bonus miles will be awarded at the end of March.

There are four full weeks in the month of March. Each week (on Monday) I will announce the flight of the week. The flight of the week will be a flight originating from our DFW hub to a destination served by American Airlines and a return flight back to DFW. To ensure all DFW pilots can participate, each destination will be serviceable within the First Officer range of aircraft and be available from our mainline schedules.
[7:08 AM]
The bonus plan will be as follows. The first weeks flight (if completed) will be worth 250 bonus miles. Each flight week thereafter will also earn you 250 bonus miles. However, if on the second week you also participated in the first week flight you will earn an additional 250 bonus miles. Week three can earn you an additional 500 miles on top of the 250 miles for that week and finally week four can earn you an additional 750 bonus miles, plus the 250 for that weeks flight. DFW Pilots who participate and fly all four weeks of flights will earn a total of 2,500 bonus premium miles. Each weekly flight MUST be flown during that week. Flights will be announced on Monday and will expire at midnight the following Sunday. All bonus miles will be awarded at the end of March.

Flights will need to be booked and PIREPs filed in the normal way and must adhere to our American Virtual Airline Operations Handbook. In addition, I’m requesting upon completion of your flights that you visit our American Virtual Discord server and post a note in the Dallas Hub channel. The note can just simply state, “I’ve completed the week one challenge flight”. This will help make me aware that you’ve completed the flight. If you do not have access to Discord, please visit the main American Virtual website, on the left side under Community, click Discord.
[7:09 AM]
With all that said, please begin making your way back to DFW and stay tuned. I will announce the Week One challenge flight on Monday morning, 1 March. Have fun and good luck!

Thanks for flying!


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