Flight Data Center Update

Many of you have already noticed the flight/pireps trimming phase has started and many requests to look at errors have already been filed.

Between resolving one issue or the other, we are cautiously moving forward with the process. As we stand today, only the CLT Hub is wholly trimmed and free of errors. DCA, DFW, and JFK still have errors in the flight number that needs to be fixed while every other Hub still has to go through the initial trimming process.

These are the most important points that you need to keep in mind moving forward:

  • Nothing is lost. We have a backup table of all the old flight reports and can always go back to see what happened if there is an error
  • Your Public Pilot Profile now shows a “Before” (legacy) section with the hours/flights/stats accumulated until a certain point and an “After” (current) section showing the current progress.

  • The”All-Time Statistics” about the Legacy period of the Virtual Airline can be accessed through the Corporate menu in the CrewCenter under “Elite Pilots Legacy” or by clicking this link:
    American Virtual Historic Stats
  • The “Adventures” will lose their current progress or marked progress completion. This means they will NOT reflect anymore your current or past progress. If you are interested in keeping your progress alive and/or not losing the completion check, please continue reading.

    A screenshot of each Adventure in which you are involved (whether is in progress or completed) needs to be sent to CTO William either via our Discord server (PM) or via email at cto@americanva.net. This will allow us to manually reconstruct the Adventures DB table.

While there is really a lot going on in the background about this process, at this time we cannot think about anything else that is relevant to this update. We cordially ask for your patience and cooperation while the process is ongoing and to communicate with us through our Discord server (new channels have been established) to report an issue if needs be.

Keep the sunny side up!

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