Fly The River Visual Event

Join us in this Spring celebration event to fly the RW19 RIVER VISUAL at Washington Reagan National
Arguably one of the most scenic, suggestive, and challenging approaches we have in the United States

Jump on your favorite aircraft and plan your flight from one of our many schedules reaching KDCA

Background History:
Reagan National Airport has some of the strictest noise restrictions in the country. In addition, due to security concerns, the areas surrounding the National Mall and U.S. Naval Observatory in central Washington are prohibited airspace up to 18,000 feet (5,500 m). Due to these restrictions, pilots approaching from the north are generally required to follow the path of the Potomac River and turn just before landing. This approach is known as the River Visual.

The event will run on FRIDAY APRIL 16TH starting around 7:00 pm EASTERN TIME

As always, flying online is NOT mandatory. However, we highly recommend joining Vatsim in order to have an even more realistic and fun experience. Enjoying live air traffic control really adds a whole other dimension to the realism of your flights.

Every participating Pilot will receive a whopping 25000 Premium Miles along with the event custom Award

Keep in mind this is NOT a CAT FREE event (but a great way to get closer to the promotion).
We are looking forward to plenty of participation and hoping the weather will be cooperative in facilitating the RW19 VISUAL APPROACH wink


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