Game Night 3/6/2021

Since we have more people online and flying on Saturdays and the cruise phase can be a bit boring… lets play some games to past the time.

The name of the game for 3/6 is Basically its virtual Pictionary. The instructions on how to play is on that website.

A dedicated games channel will be set up in our Discord server that day, which we will use for the voice communications part of the game. All you need is a web browser and a pointing device to play.

The winner of each game will get 25 hours, so this is a great opportunity for someone trying to get to a higher rank.

This game is not connected to any particular event, and you do not have to be flying to play (although that would be nice), just something to do and a way to have fun with your fellow pilots.

Length of game varies depending on how many are playing. Come join us, if available!

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