Happening at American Virtual

Hello American Virtual Pilots!

It has been a while since the last news release and it seemed just about time to update you all on some of the new happenings around here. And a lot has happened in the last few months so let’s get started.

Under the knowledgeable direction of our COO Jerry T. (AAL008), our beloved VA has never been so alive and thriving as it is these days. The number of new pilots joining our community has grown exponentially and so has the number of daily flights. We are constantly breaking new records and setting higher standards!

Many of these new pilots have also expressed the desire to help out managing this growing operation. So we have acquired many new talents in various positions and, in some cases, created new ones.

The approaching end of the Winter has brought back HUBOps 2022 Edition. Current champion DFW is starting their new challenge facing ORD in the first round. We are all very excited to find out who will be the biggest challenger this year!

On other news, we just performed a complete American Airlines schedule update. This one brought about 5400 new flights fresh from FlightAware. We hope you will enjoy the up-to-date flight schedules.

The Super Bowl event was a great success and for a minute LAX was really busy. The “Heavy Hitters” received their awards and bonuses but there is plenty more to come. With the very popular weekly “Featured Destinations”, the approaching “Vatsim CTP”, and of course the aforementioned HUBOps Challenge there really is no time to get bored around here. Your Hub Managers are busy at work planning bonus activities and more opportunities to gain Premium Miles (remember they are spendable at the store after all)

Thanks to your help, we are also ranking higher and higher on the “VAList” website. You need to be aware that is very much appreciated as it helps a lot with exposure and new members flow. Please, keep on voting every month!!

As they used to say, “That’s All Folks” for now………

Keep the sunny side up 🙂

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