Heritage Schedule Has Landed

Dear Pilots,

You will be happy to know the American Airlines Heritage schedule is finally here, After a lot of intensive work we are finally able to make it available for your enjoyment. Without indulging any further, here are the facts:

  • Over 220 Aircraft have been added. Everything from the ATR72 through Connie & DC6, to B707 & MD11, to all heavy Boeings is now available for your flying pleasure.
  • Over 3220 new Schedules have been added, with a substantial amount in Europe.
  • Every Schedule contains in the Notes section the original affiliated Airline which was operating the flight. (Eastern, American Overseas, America West, US Airways, etc.).
  • Heritage is a whole new experience on its own and it is identified by the prefix “HER”. Very soon new Adventures will be created reserved exclusively to historical schedules as well as specific related Awards

This amount of schedules brought by this update could form a whole another VA on its own and truly allows you to fly an unparalleled variety of Aircraft on many different routes. We are proud to make this available to you today and I for one am very excited about this announcement.

Small reminder: Substitutions will only be allowed within the same Variation of Aircraft. You cannot change the Aircraft altogether!


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