June HubOPS Challenge Recap

June has come and gone while we witnessed another very interesting round of the American Virtual’s year-round Hubs competition. In this past month, Phoenix showed great strength prevailing in a very convincing manner over Washington, and firmly securing the 3rd semi-finalist spot.

Although Phoenix was coming into this battle round as an overwhelming favorite, the final score surpassed every expectation we had making a big splash. In fact, Phoenix is now also holding the record for the most flights flown in a calendar previously held by Dallas.

While many Phoenix pilots were engaged in everyday flying and very committed to reaching the semifinals, in Washington, one pilot in particular really tried to balance the scales, making a difference and inciting his DCA colleagues to fly more. He certainly deserves a special mention from us so, without further ado, congratulations to AAL622 Paul Ledford for all your efforts.

At this point, things are really starting to heat up! Dallas is more than ready for another fight and you can be sure they will attempt to regain the throne for the most flown monthly flights while clinching the last spot in the semifinals. Miami on the other hand has some of the more active pilots within American Virtual and has been eager to start their first round for quite some time. They are definitely well equipped and ready to battle it out against Dallas.

It will be an amazing round and we will be watching every minute of it letting you know what happened.

Good luck Miami!
Good luck Dallas!

To all of you……… Always keep the sunny side up!!

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