Labor Day Weekend 2022

Hello, AAVA Crew! Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day Weekend! You still have time to make it to CYUL and claim your 15,000 Bonus Premium Miles and 3 extra hours for this week’s featured destination.
But you better get going as this opportunity will expire today at 23:59z or 19:59 EDT.

We have a new theme for our Featured Destinations during the month of September.
The theme is “Back to School” and of course, this signals a busy time in everyone’s lives as the summer breaks will end and life ramp back up to full speed. Speaking of busy and full speed, it’s time to visit the busiest airports in the US by passenger traffic (pre-COVID).

Beginning this evening at 00:00z or 20:00 EDT, a flight to Atlanta (KATL) will earn you 15,000 Bonus Premium Miles and 3 extra hours added to your total flight time. As usual, the weekly featured destination may only be flown once for the bonus and will expire on Friday, 9 September at 23:59z or 19:59 EDT.

CAT Free Weekend To celebrate the awesome summer we’ve had here at American Virtual and to show our genuine appreciation to all our crew members, our last CAT Free Weekend of the summer will kick off this evening. You’ll have all weekend (including all of Monday) to fly all of our AAVA schedules regardless of the rank you currently hold. All schedules will revert back to their normal rank restrictions at 23:59 EDT on Monday night, 5 September.

Vote For Us We’ve shown our appreciation of you with the CAT Free Weekend, please do the same and show your love and appreciation for American Virtual by taking just a few minutes to vote for us on We’re currently ranked in 4th place and with your help, we can climb toward the #1 spot in no time. Please help us to continue #GoingforGreat.

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