May HubOPS Challenge Recap

After putting a whole lot of effort into rebalancing the American Virtual Hubs and coming up with some creative ways to do so we managed to have a very nice round of May between LaGuardia and Chicago O’Hare.

At the end of a very heated competition that saw intense flying from both sides and plenty of bonuses been distributed, we finally came to have our second semi-finalist!

LaGuardia, ironically labeled “LaGarbage” by many of our fellow pilots came through with flying colors reaching a very notable total of 114 flights. Chicago did not give up the competition very easily clocking 73 flights by the end. They fought hard to come back, but the lead built by LaGuardia in the beginning stages of the month held tough until the end and finally prevailed over their opponent.

Between both hubs, some 45000 Premium Miles were given away and distributed to the pilots who participated in flying for their home base and that’s on top of all weekly/monthly incentives!
It certainly was another very interesting month and we enjoyed every minute of it – We hope you did too!

Looking at the draw, we can now see Charlotte facing LaGuardia on the bottom first semifinal while the top part still remains to be defined. Phoenix and Washington National are battling this month – right now to be precise the competition is fully ongoing in order to grab the 3rd available spot in the semifinals.

We are looking forward to see this new battle play out and we will tell you all about it in the next recap!

Summer is here! School is over! Lots more time available to do all the things you enjoy the most. If flying is one of them we are always super excited to see you around!

Keep the sunny side up 🙂

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