New Screenshot Contest

This contest ends on: 02. 28. 2021 23:59 As the pilot’s roster at American Virtual keeps growing daily it is time again to have some more fun together!

For the month of February, the screenshot contest theme will be “Winter Weather 21

Showcase your best winter weather shots during the month of February and participate for a chance to win up to 10000 AA Premium Miles. Refer to contest details for prize information.

Prize structure:

  • 1ST place wins 10000 AA Premium Miles + Winter Weather Award 2021
  • 2ND place wins 5000 AA Premium Miles + Winter Weather Award 2021
  • 3RD Place wins 2500 AA Premium Miles + Winter Weather Award 2021

(The boring stuff)

The theme is “weather”. Screenshots need to contain some form of Winter Weather.

The contest is open only to American Virtual Pilots. Only images from within Flight Simulator are allowed.

To vote for an image just click on the “VOTE” button. You can vote for multiple images per screenshot contest, but only one Vote per image.

The “LIKE” button is not a vote. you need to click on the “VOTE” button to make your selection.

To submit your image to the contest got to “My Screenshots” then click on the image you wish to submit and select “Add to Contest.”

A nice surprise prize will be awarded to the contest winner.

To be fair and not tilt the scale, Pilots may only submit ONE photo per contest, so choose wisely

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