New Staff Member & Many Updates

Dear American Virtual Members,

While the CrewCenter is popping with flights setting record numbers and the community is more active than ever, a lot has been going on behind the scenes as well. Let’s try to summarize the most important changes that have occured recently.


American Airlines employees are getting new uniforms | National and International |

Staff positions have been steadily filling up in the last few months and now Miami finally has a new Hub Manager. AAL1049 Christina Morrelo is officially in charge of the operations in Florida’s biggest and busiest city. She is very active and comes to us with a lot of experience in similar roles across our industry.
Many of you have already interacted with Christina in one form or another and now it’s time to join us in congratulating her for the new position and give her a very warm welcome. As far as we are concerned, we are delighted to have a female presence among our Staff, and on behalf of all management, we would like to extend our best wishes to her!!

Speaking of Staff, our very much loved Director of Operations AAL007 Jason Olson is, at present, extremely busy in real life trying to further his professional aviation career. While Jason’s time remains limited to perform the bulk of his functions within the Virtual Airline, AAL008 Jerry Taylor will step up to the plate and fill the position effective immediately. We truly believe Jerry is the perfect candidate to substitute Jason and we want to thank him for his continued support and devotion. We are certain his ideas will be felt throughout our organization very soon and his experience will help us to balance and improve our crew’s operations all across the Country.


American Alaska

Alaska and American Airlines are consolidating their codeshare agreement and planning to expand their partnership even further in 2021. As a consequence, it seemed only logical for us to include the Alaska Airlines flights into our operations. Hence, we went to work and parsed over 2500 schedules updating our databases to include all of their current offerings. The update is effective immediately and our crews will be able to access the schedules using the CrewCenter in the usual manner.


Times are never boring at American Virtual and a plenty of events are currently taking place or coming up rapidly:

  • ADVENTURES are back in full swing and new ones are added regularly (
  • EXOTIC DESTINATIONS Screenshot contest is currently ongoing (
  • A TWITCH Official channel has been created. It will host streamers, run contests, giveaways, and quick promotions to win hours, premium miles, and real-world prizes (FlyAAVA – Twitch)
  • THE STREAM TEAM EVENT A not-to-be-missed event coming up this weekend meant to raise brand awareness and promote the VA. Signup (
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Have fun flying with us!! Show us your appreciation by participating in one or more events we have created for our community and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, or Discord to keep up with all new happenings.

Keep the sunny side up 🙂

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