NFL Season Event

Good day fellas,

We got some upcoming news to share. Some of our members pointed out it would be fun to have the ability to generate CAT FREE Seasonal Events. In this particular case, the scenario revolved around the NFL schedule and related Teams traveling from week to week. Since we always pay attention to your suggestions, here is what we have planned:

We have created a separate Airline called AAC (American Airlines Charters) which will only serve the purpose of letting you create the flights’ schedules for this event and possibly many more in the future.

A new thread will be created in the Forum for this kind of event and, more specifically for the NFL in question, A WEEKLY SCHEDULE like the one shown on this page: will be posted. In addition to AMERICAN, you will also notice DELTA and UNITED flights within that schedule and yes, ALL flights are eligible for the event.

This event will be CAT FREE, meaning you will be able to fly airframes you may not access normally, but rules always apply and so here they come:

  • All previously established conditions set forth in the AOH for Pireps filing still apply (landing rates, fuel reserve, etc)
  • Inside Acars, in the comment field it is required to note a reference to the NFL event, the flight number and choose the correct equipment as found in the weekly posted schedule
  • The Airports inside the module where you will be able to generate your Flight Bookings are locked to the NFL Schedule ONLY. You will not be able to pair other airports other than the ones posted with the weekly schedules.

PIREPS not following the above-mentioned conditions will be automatically rejected.

We will repost all the rules inside the dedicated thread in the Forum (The same place where you will find the weekly schedules)

The new module is not entirely finished yet (styling-wise) but we wanted to make it available to you as soon as possible. In order to start creating your flight schedules and fly the NFL Seasonal Event  follow this link:


As always we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the experience.

Happy flying to you all!

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