NOTAM: Relaxing Restrictions

American Virtual has been around for 16 years and those who have been around at least 10 years remember having to start by flying the Saab 340 for many hours before being promoted to regional jets and only after satisfying the regional jets requirement, were we able to fly 737’s and A3XX family aircraft. It was a painstaking process, but it built up a level of loyalty that keeps many of us coming back to the VA time over time. 

Times are changing and the demand for more accessibility, faster service and instant results has reached the virtual airline industry, in that, pilots new to this hobby are expecting the ability to fly the larger aircraft immediately and not particularly interested in a slow climb up the ranks like the days of yore. As with many industries we have to be able to pivot to meet demand or be met with demise. 

With that, the staff of American Virtual has decided to relax the ranking restrictions. Effective immediately, the ranks at American Virtual has changed to meet the demand and are as follows:

New pilots entering the VA will have immediate access to the popular aircraft like 737’s and A3XX family aircraft as well as all of the regional jets. This will resolve an ongoing issue with XPlane users who do not have the means to purchase a high priced CRJ and no access to a freeware version. We also believe, while the VA activity is good, this will bring even more activity. 

The VA averages 10 or more new pilots a week… every week, which is amazing! So the word is out about American Virtual. We want to keep this fun and not so bogged down with restictions that those 10 pilots never make a flight.

We understand, pilots who did the slow climb up the ranks may feel jaded by the new ranking structure, but hope you can understand that change is necessary to remain viable. This change should not affect anyone who already has access to all aircraft, but will open new possibilities to pilots who were more restricted, effective immediately. 

We will be updating the operations manual and registration pages over the next couple days as well as reaching out individually to pilots who have not logged a flight and making announcements on social media outlets. 

Lets get to flying!

Thanks for your time and dedication.

Sean Jackson
CEO – American Virtual

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