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Director of Training and Development
American Virtual, one of the oldest Virtual Airlines is experiencing a rebirth. Since our inception as US Airways, we have looked to become a premier training organization. The organization has not yet been able to fully achieve this vision. The increase of staff at the organization has allowed additional time for administration to again start working on this vision. We are seeking an experienced virtual airline trainer to join our organization as Director of Training and Development.

About us: American Virtual is an active community of flight simulation enthusiast. Regularly topping 30 logged flights a day, we have an engaged group of hub managers and upper-level administrative staff always seeking the next best thing for our members. American Virtual has some of the most unique modules available to any virtual airline and we are always tweaking our offerings. While we attempt to emulate the real-world operations of the real-world airline, American Virtual falls in between very stringent and fully open regarding our rules and guidelines. Our staff is like family, constantly joking around on our very active Discord server, while remaining professional in their approach to operations. We would love for you to look at this position and if interested in joining this great organization, apply by sending a copy of your resume for consideration to or forward to someone you feel may be qualified and interested.

Director of Training & Development (DTD) is a Leadership Supervisory Role. The DTD's first and most prominent role is his leadership role over the training and development department. In this position, the DTD oversees all activities of the department and identifies the business’s developmental needs ensuring that there is consistency with core competencies and goals. The DTD also plans, organizes, and leads training programs, ensuring proper execution at all levels of the department. The Director of Training and Development also ensures consistency in the delivery and application of training standards across the business and oversees the planning, prioritization, and development of new training programs and initiatives, ensuring that these programs and initiatives are consistent with the business overall strategies, objectives, and needs.

He/She is also responsible for following up with the leadership and management of all departments to ensure that the parties involved in each training program complete their training. The Director of Training and Development also plays mentorship role to key personnel in the training and development department, ensuring constant development in their professional skills, and readying them for the occupation of his position in the event of his absence or retirement. The Director of Training and Development is tasked with an analytical role where he conducts research, approves, and makes further recommendations for appropriate learning management systems and databases. The Director of Training and Development additionally develops, implements, monitors, and maintains both initial and ongoing training programs across the business.

The role of the DTD is a collaborative role where he/she collaborates with other human resources departmental directors in defining strategies and ensuring their alignment to avoid conflicts of interest. In this collaboration, the DTD also assists HR and other managers in their training needs specific to their areas of specialty.

Required qualifications of Director of Training and Development:

Education - The DTD must have proven experience in Training & Development, Education, Human Resources, or any other related field, in virtual or real life. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable.

Experience - A candidate for this position must have had experience in a training and development capacity, preferably at a senior position such as the Head of Training and Development. The candidate must also demonstrate experience in content creation, maintenance of training processes, and the successful development of ongoing training and development programs. The candidate will also demonstrate experience in designing training materials.

Communication Skills - Communication skills are a must have for this position, both in written and in verbal form. As a departmental leader, the clarity of the Director’s messages and instruction down the line will determine the performance and efficiency of junior personnel. Communication skills will also be a necessity in enabling efficient and effective cross-functional/collaborative communications and the proper execution of training programs in departments across the business.
The DTD will also be required to create training materials and reports, which must be clear, concise, and understandable. The Director of Training and Development will also have an ability to tailor the most complex messages for different audiences in a manner that they can understand and relate to.

Interpersonal Skills - A candidate for this position must have an ability to prioritize tasks completing multiple tasks in a timely manner, be flexible and welcoming to change, have an ability to work independently with minimal or no supervision, and be self-motivated. He must also be a prompt decision maker, be a strategic and creative thinker, have excellent problem-solving skills, have a positive and easy-going attitude, demonstrate strong work ethic and integrity, and demonstrate calmness and composure in times of uncertainty.

Leadership/People Skills - The candidate must additionally demonstrate strong leadership qualities where he shows an ability to influence a cross-functional team and top management into following a particular course action. He must also be approachable and likeable, inspiring trust in others, which will make it easier for people to trust in his insights and follow in his directives in his leadership position.

Software - The candidate will work with the IT department in setting up and deploying courses, exams and check-rides within the Academy module. Comfortable with technology and have intermmediate to advanced computer literacy. Should be proficient with the use of phpVMS.

References are desired

Apply by sending a copy of your resume for consideration to or forward to someone you feel may be qualified and interested.