Crew Admission Process
Now Taking Off...
Thank you for your interest in joining American Virtual!

Our organization welcomes pilots from all backgrounds. From the real world pilots to flight simulator beginners, we are open to everyone!!
The admission process requires a few conditions to be satisfied before moving forward. Please, read the requirements below to make sure you are qualified to begin the process.


To comply with U.S. law, we only allow pilots who are thirteen (13) years of age or older to join.
Must own a legal version of Microsoft FS9/FS2004, FSX, FS2020, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, or Laminar X-Plane.
Should possess the basic knowledge to fly an aircraft and the willingness to keep learning.
The ability to fly at least one (1) flight every 30 days, calendar month. New hire first flight within 14 days.
Have an maintain a valid email address throughout the duration of your membership.
American Virtual pilots and staff are required to understand and adhere to the AOM (Airline Operations Manual). All prospective pilots should be intimately familiar with the policies and procedures contained within this document in order to successfully pass the admission test.


While we have a Forum packed of information, nowadays all our communications run through the social media channels. As an American Virtual Pilot it is extremely important that you register/follow our media servers as every real-time communication goes through there first. It is undoubtedly the best way to stay current about the many activities we always have going on. And if you have to pick only one, that should definitely be DISCORD. It is always extremely active (and fun) and the fastest way to stay up to date. You will receive the invitation to join as soon as the admission process is completed.


American Virtual is a rank based organization. The table below illustrates the type of rankings currently enforced as well as the hourly requirements and equipment availability attached to each one. It is important to have a clear up front picture of what you will be able to fly immediately. It's also helpful to know we have many different ways to give extra hours through various events.


American Virtual closely mimics the real world operations of its counterpart. Currently we operate from ten (10) HUBS within the United States. After successfully passing the Crew assessment test, you will have the opportunity to select a desired hub on the registration form. However, due to crew management and operational support, not all ten Hubs may be available at all times. If you happen to not be assigned to your Hub of choice, you will still be able to request a Hub transfer after 30 days.


Our Virtual Airline does not require pilots to fly on VATSIM, IVAO, PILOTEDGE and similar organizations. However, we strongly encourage online flying to complete the experience and foster the knowledge growth. All American Virtual Pilots opting to fly on VATSIM are required to comply with VATSIM’s User Agreement and VATSIM’s Code of Conduct and to represent our company in a flawless, professional manner when flying on any network.

Below are the links to view the aforementioned documents:

VATSIM’s User Agreement

VATSIM’s Code of Conduct


If you meet all the conditions referenced in this page and you believe to be a good fit for our community WE ARE THRILLED to invite you to continue the application process.
The next phase revolves around the admission assessment. A test that is largely based upon the information contained inside the American Operations Manual (AOM). In order to successfully complete this part, the first step is to download and assimilate its contents.

Please use this link to access the American Virtual AOH: OPERATIONS MANUAL

Whenever you feel confident to start the assessment just return to this page and use the "TAKEOFF" link at the bottom of the page


Test must be taken in a single session.
Do NOT click the back button! You will lose all your progress.
Take your time while reading and answering the questions.