SuperBowl Heavy Lifters

American Virtual is going all-out to make sure Super Bowl fans get to and from the big game this weekend in Los Angeles.

To maximize capacity on the LAX routes, we will be offering flight crews double time for any flights in or out of KLAX this weekend (Saturday & Sunday, February 12/13). Furthermore, the pilot with the largest number of flights in or out of KLAX this weekend will get the prestigious “Super Bowl Heavy Hitter” award (one per hub).

We also don’t want a repeat of the post-Christmas airline “meltdown” that we just went through. So, for the week following the Super Bowl, it will be “all hands on deck” while we will be running CAT-FREE scheduling.

Be sure to bring those widebodies out of the hangar to get some serious long-haul time in your logbooks!
We’ll be watching you carefully during this week and those of you that take the best care of our fleet will receive appropriate recognition (TBD). We don’t want to see any ground handling incidents, over speeds, or excessive landing rates!

It costs a fortune to overhaul landing gear…….

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