Advanced Schedule Search

Dear Pilots,

We listen closely to your “wish list” items and evaluate which features have priority over others all while trying to stick to our development roadmap. In this instance, we realized that a fairly important functionality was missing and we took action to remedy.

I’m pleased to announce that you can now have a detailed outlook at our whole schedule using the module located here: 

Advanced Schedule Search

You will be able to search by any given field independently, meaning you don’t need to fill the whole form. Just by using any one field, the module will report any connected schedule linked to the search parameter. You are also able to specify Distance variables as for example “Greater than” or “Less than”.

Keep in mind that only results relative to your Ranking will be displayed. If you are a First Officer, the system will only return schedules for the CAT Aircrafts you’re ranked to fly. We are still working to perfect the module and connect it to even more functionalities, but we felt it was a priority to release it.

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