Regional Schedules – Further Expansion

Fellow Captains,

After some discussions and careful consideration, we decided to further expand our current schedules offering to include all the carriers who partner under the American Eagle umbrella.
Until now, our schedules only included the operations of the 3 American Airlines direct subsidiaries (ENY-PDT-PSA).

No runway lights? American Eagle flight returns to DFW

This new update includes the following 3 carriers:

  • Republic Airways (1450 schedules updated to April 1st)
  • Skywest Airlines (1150 schedules updated to April 1st)
  • Mesa Airlines (1050 schedules updated to April 1st)

These 3 additional carriers are not directly connected with American Airlines but instead contracted by American Eagle on a schedule/routes basis. These carriers also operate flights for Delta Connections and United Express.
Finding only the flights operated for American Eagle was always somewhat a challenge which is why our original decision was to only replicate the real-world scheduling operations of the 3 direct subsidiaries.

If you want to learn more about American Eagle operations you can follow this link:
American Eagle (airline brand) – Wikipedia

Virtual Airline scheduling is a major team effort and always an extremely time-consuming endeavor. In this instance, all credits for this great addition go to our Hub Operations Director, AAL7 Jason Olson who fetched all the flights belonging to American Eagle and prepared the template for upload into our database.

The roughly 4500 aforementioned schedules are already present in our system and ready for you all to enjoy.

As always, we hope you will enjoy this new upgrade and looking forward to seeing you all flying!

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