Executive Office Changes

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For Immediate Release – Chicago, IL
September 15, 2021

American Virtual announced the promotions of AAL008 Jerry Taylor to Chief Operations Officer and AAL004 Brandon Willcockson to Vice President of Operations and Human Resources.

Jerry Taylor will be responsible for ensuring the airline runs smoothly. He makes executive decisions regarding matters such as the purchase of additional modules from suppliers or the creation of new modules as needed to support the organization. Is intimately aware of all functions of the airline crew center and has authority to make changes to the crew center as functionally needed.

Brandon Willcockson will be responsible for overall operation of the Hub Operations division. VP Ops/HR has the authority, with guidance from the COO to hire assistants and hub managers as well as relieve them of their duties if necessary. The VP Ops/HR may also perform double duties as Hub Manager should the need arise. In situations where more than one hub manager position has been vacated, the COO will share in these responsibilities.

“Jerry and Brandon has been key parts of our success, and we are thrilled to promote them to these important positions,” said AAL001 Sean Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of American Virtual. Jerry Taylor joined the organization in February of 2021 as a pilot and quickly rose through hub manager to Director of Hub Management. Brandon Willcockson joined the organization as a pilot in December of 2020 and was promoted to the Vice President of Human Resources due to previous Virtual Airline experience in that area. “We have some exciting changes and updates planned for the future and we are confident that they will continue to be an important asset to help our organization reach its goals,” said Mr. Jackson.

AAL002 William Matteoni, who assumed the position of Chief Operations Officer when that position became available will resume his role as Chief Technology Officer ensuring the organizations information technology and computer systems continue to support the organizations goals. Resuming this position allows for time to focus on innovative and emerging technologies that could potentially assist the organization to reach its objectives.

“All can be found on the organizations Discord server. Please take some time out to send them some congratulatory messages and lets keep growing this VA together!” Sean Jackson said.

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