New KCLT Hub Manager

For Immediate Release

American Virtual would like to officially welcome Cliff Meade aboard as he assumes the role of KCLT Hub Manager!
Some of the legacy members will remember Cliff Meade from usairwaysva.

Cliff went on to become the CEO of a Delta VA and helped build that VA from the ground up with marketing, events and promotions. When word got out that American Virtual was back, new and improved, Cliff decided to return home.

We are very excited to have him back and looking forward to getting inside his head in regard to growing our VA. In the meantime he has been tasked with heading up the Charlotte Hub which is one of 3 beginner hubs for incoming Student and Private Pilots with no transfer hours due to the high volume of regional flights. Also our largest hub by pilots.

His duties include approving PIREPS, being the first point of contact for Charlotte pilots, pilot engagement and other duties. You will see him online flying often so send him a message through our own instant messenger, AIRmail or Discord to welcome him back, say hi or ask him any questions!

Coming soon we will be building out hub specific pages which will be your home for all information regarding your hub. If you are interested in becoming a Hub Manager with American Virtual or any other staff position, please go to Corporate-Career Center to see what’s available.

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