Schedule Update

Good day fellow Pilots,

A major schedule update was planned to run during the night.
Assuming everything went as planned, and we have no reason to believe otherwise, as of today all the American Airlines, Envoy Air, PSA, and Piedmont schedules should be officially active in our systems plus a few Codeshares too.

That means some 10000+ routes connecting the world in every possible direction. A quick glance at the “Destinations Map” immediately reveals the amplitude of this update and makes for a really cool picture to look at.

Also, starting with this deployment, a very high percentage of the schedules now contain a linkback to the originating FlightAware flight tracking. Notoriously, scheduling is the most work intensive part of a Virtual Airline environment and usually requires a lot of manpower.
It may sound easy and routine to announce these kinds of updates, but we can assure you it really isn’t. The amount of work behind the scenes is remarkable to say the least and I’m very proud of what we are accomplishing here these days.

But hey, former USAVA reboot V3.0 deserves all this and more so we will now start working on the Heritage side of the schedule in order to bring you an even larger aircraft selection.

Enough reading now….Go get behind your joysticks and yokes and get ready to fly and have fun!

See you all in the blue skies

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