Cinco De Mayo Celebration Event

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Everyone knows what May 5, or Cinco De Mayo, means: Tacos, margaritas, fun, and fiesta. But did you know that without what happened on this fateful day, the United States may have not existed as we know it today? Do not worry, only one in 10 Americans knows what Cinco de Mayo really is, but we encourage you to find out.

Whether you knew that or not, JOIN us and celebrate this national holiday day with us with a FLY-IN into LAX!

The time window is from 6 pm to 9 pm EST.

Flying online is NOT mandatory but highly recommended!  VATSIM greatly enhances the experience and adds another dimension of realism to your flights. It also makes you a better flight simulation pilot forcing you to constantly stay sharp and improve your skills.

The Discord Events Channel will be available to hang out and chat during the course of the event.

Every Pilot will receive 15000 Premium Miles for participating in the event and since we were unable to fulfill our promise last week, the GIVEAWAY will take place again next Wednesday during the live stream on our channel. PARTICIPATE for a chance to win a $50 SimMarket Gift Card.
The prize winner will be chosen among all Pilots who “FOLLOW” our new TWITCH channel and stop by to say “HELLO” in the stream chat at any point during the event.

If you have any questions in regard to this event, please contact or post it in the “Event Committee” on our Discord server,
If you haven’t joined our DISCORD server yet, here’s the invitation link:

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